Sit back and relax while you watch these animated shorts ...

Them Cows is Stupid!

Are the cows really the stupid ones? Find out in this short animation ...

Running time: 3:56
Size: 50 Mb.
Format: MP4 (h.264)
Rated: All ages

A Little Ditty

When the cat's away, the mice really do play. Just make sure the cat is actually away though.

Running time: 2:05
Size: 28 Mb.
Format: MP4 (h.264)
Rated: All ages (mild violence)


If trapped on a deserted island, you'd think that a crate of inflatables floating by would be a good thing ... Right?

Running time: 9:12
Size: 119 Mb.
Format: MP4 (h.264)
Rated: All ages

Astronomy 101 - Introduction

Part of an educational product aimed at teaching kids about Astronomy. Due to funding issues the project wasn't able to continue. Here is a little demo teaser ...

Featuring the voices of:
Marsha Crenshaw, Teg Gray, Kay Anderson, David Hodes, Lisa Julien, Shaela Connor, George Robinson, Joey Pepin, Don Sarney, Mitch Phillips, Dennis "DC" Goode, and Dan Lenard.

Producers: Dick Osso, Eleri Merrikin, Beth Taylor.

Running time: 12:58
Size: 126 Mb.
Format: MP4 (h.264)
Rated: All ages

Twinkle Rap

Another teaser from the Astronomy 101 project. Enjoy "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" in a whole new light.

Featuring the musical talents of:
Lou & Lisa Villani, Carolyn Villani, Will Slydor, Jamaal Weaver, and Kenny Long.

Running time: 3:23
Size: 38 Mb.
Format: MP4 (h.264)
Rated: All ages

Happy Horrorween

A spooky tale of what might happen if stranded on Halloween night.

Warning: Includes some scary scenes that may be too intense for young viewers.

Running time: 3:31
Size: 37 Mb.
Format: MP4 (h.264)
Rated: Scary scenes

Miller for Congress

Promotional video for my friend Erich Miller as he ran for a Congressional seat in California.

Running time: 2:21
Size: 23 Mb.
Format: MP4 (h.264)
Rated: All ages

Everything's Just Beachy

A relaxing day at the beach depends on just these three things. Location ... Location ... Location

Running time: 10:13
Size: 125 Mb.
Format: MP4 (h.264)
Rated: All ages

The Bus Stop

Created with the members of the Hash:Animation Forum. We all created small snipits of animations featuring the same backdrop of a bus stop and combined them all together into one larger animation.

Running time: 0:29
Size: 8 Mb.
Format: MP4 (h.264)
Rated: All ages

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